Vulnerable Persons Registry

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What is the VPR?
A free, voluntary and confidential service that collects and provides key information to local fire, police, paramedics and where authorized, PUC Inc. and Canadian Red Cross, in order to improve safety during emergencies
How does it help me?
If you rely on electricity for life-sustaining equipment, you are informed by PUC of planned power outages and are contacted by Canadian Red Cross in major power outages lasting 6 hours or more
If a 9-1-1 call is made to the address of a VPR registrant, key information is immediately available to local first responders through their dispatch system such as ‘bedridden’, ‘oxygen’, ‘deaf’, ‘mental health’, etc.
If an evacuation is ever needed, emergency response teams will know the locations of those who may need unique assistance
Do I still need to call 9-1-1?
YES, if you are in a life-threatening emergency, you still need to call 911 — calling 911 will activate the key information you provided upon registering
Who can register?
Click here to learn about who may benefit from registering
How can I register?
Interested in registering? Click here to learn how
How is my information used?
Your information is confidential and will only be used during emergencies to improve your safety
First responders will follow their protocol, which may require you to repeat information that you have already provided
For more information, please review our privacy policies or contact the VPR Coordinator
Should I still be prepared for a city-wide emergency?
YES, it is your responsibility to be prepared as best as you can since resources can often be strained when addressing city-wide or large-scale emergencies
Emergency Management Ontario expects individuals and families to be prepared for at least 3 days
Learn more about how to be prepared by clicking here or contacting the VPR Coordinator
Can I be removed?
YES, you can choose to remove yourself at any time—mail a signed removal form to the VPR Coordinator or you can submit a removal request online if you registered online and created an account
Do users have access to my information immediately?
NO, it may take up to 45 days after the VPR Coordinator receives your application for authorized users to receive your information—you will be informed of the exact date when you receive your confirmation letter
What accessibility features are available with the VPR?
Interested in registering, but none of the registration methods are accessible? Contact the VPR Coordinator who would be happy to provide appropriate accommodation
Our re-designed website offers a more user-friendly experience with a cleaner look and feel, the ability to tab through the online application process and an ability to change text size
Essential accessibility also offers a free app to download that can assist persons with disabilities when reviewing websites (Click on the blue accessibility icon found on the top right)
If you have further suggestions regarding our program or our website, we encourage you to submit your feedback
Who can I contact for more information?
Feel free to contact the VPR Coordinator at 705.942.7927 x3041 or
I’m looking to develop a VPR in my community. How can you help?
Re-inventing the wheel can be costly, both financially and laboriously. With the VPR being the first-of-its-kind in North America, SSMIC can assist other interested communities by providing the tools and knowledge needed to implement a VPR. Aside from tangible materials, SSMIC can also provide consulting services to help communities develop and implement their own VPR. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 705.942.7927 x3041.