Vulnerable Persons Registry

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Registering allows local emergency service groups the ability to understand an individual’s unique circumstances. Knowing key information such as difficulty with mobility, vision, hearing etc. helps those responding to the emergency prepare accordingly and can subsequently save time and possibly a life.

  • Mobility

    Firefighters would know before arriving that someone on the 7th floor of the apartment would not be able to exit by stairs.
  • Cognitive

    Emergency service groups would be aware that someone living alone with dementia and no local family support may have greater confusion in responding to an emergency.
  • Mental Health

    If an evacuation needed to take place, local police would be aware if someone is fearful of leaving their home—even when in danger.
  • Electric-dependent

    Firefighters will know beforehand if combustible materials are in the home in order to help improve the safety of not only the registrant but also their neighbours and the firefighters responding.
  • Hearing

    Should police need to go door-to-door during an evacuation, they would be aware that someone in the home may not hear them knocking to notify them.
  • Vision

    Emergency service groups would know where those with vision loss and no family support live in order to provide assistance getting to a shelter.
  • Developmental

    Emergency service groups would know if two individuals living together may not know what to do in an emergency.
  • Mobility

    If 911 is called and the registrant included ‘obese’ in the tips section, responders will know to bring proper equipment to help get them to safety quickly.
  • In a Nutshell

    Registering helps our community’s emergency plans account for those at greater risk.